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All countries have different ways of counting their inhabitants since framework conditions vary considerably when it comes to conducting a population census.

Being one of the countries with the largest population in the world, China is facing a particularly great challenge. How can the many migrant workers be counted who share tables and beds in the factories and are difficult to contact because they work shifts? To make sure everybody was covered, a simple method was used: the toothbrushes in the bathrooms were counted. So it was certain that almost every Chinese was counted.

In Namibia, too, is not always as easy to count the citizens as it is elsewhere. Since some territories of the country are very difficult to reach, some enumerators have to travel even by helicopter to interview the respondents.

The actual recording of the data is organised quite differently, too. In many countries, the paper questionnaire is filled in together with the interviewer in the classical manner. In Poland, however, the whole census was conducted electronically. The enumerators were equipped with mobile devices for data collection. Many statistical offices also give their citizens the opportunity to submit their own data via the internet.

Many countries have put a lot of work and money into extensive information campaigns so that their citizens be sufficiently informed about the population census. The US of America census campaign was not only quite successful with the American people but also won several prizes of the advertising industry.

For more information on dates, methods and results of censuses worldwide please refer to the census website of the United Nations Statistics Division.


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